Why The Arts Matter

The arts teach critical skills—thinking for one's self, creating new ideas, working in teams, being innovative and imagining future technologies.

Richard Florida, the Heinz professor of economic development at Carnegie Mellon University, says that nearly half of the U.S.'s economy is generated by "the creative class"—but with public schools reducing arts education, opportunities for young people to develop needed creative skills are disappearing.  That hurts all of us.

There are two ways you can immediately advocate for the arts in Tennessee: 

• Become a member of Tennesseans for the Arts—the statewide advocacy organization comprised of individuals who work tirelessly to protect funding and support for invaluable arts programs, and
• Purchase an Arts Specialty License Plate ... 90% of the proceeds from every arts license plate sale benefits the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Keep Tennessee arts strong.  Do your part today!